Page 4 - If-you-are-suspected-of-a-criminal-offence
P. 4

If you are suspected of a criminal offence

       You can be held in police custody:

            •  f considered necessary in the interests of the police investigation
            •  f ordered by a duly authorized senior police officer or the assistant prosecutor
            •  f that officer has interviewed you in person
            •  f the alleged offence is ‘arrestable’, e.g. theft or possession of drugs with
              intent to supply.
       Review by an examining judge

            Within three days and fifteen hours of the time of your arrest, you must be
            brought before the rechter-commissaris, or ‘examining judge’. He (or she) will
            determine whether your further detention is justified. In certain circumstances,
            he can order you to be placed on remand awaiting trial. You can also request
            him to order your immediate release. If he considers further detention to be
            unwarranted, he will do so.

       Your lawyer

            If you are detained in police custody, you will automatically be assigned a
            lawyer to provide legal assistance free of charge. This lawyer (‘solicitor’ or
            ‘attorney’) is entirely impartial and has no connection with either the police or
            the prosecutor’s office: his name just happens to be on the duty roster at that
            time. Of course, you can also appoint your own lawyer who may also be able to
            provide his services free of charge depending on your personal financial
            circumstances. It is advisable to discuss the matter of fees during your first
            meeting. Your lawyer, whether court-appointed or selected by yourself, will
            provide advice and support throughout the legal proceedings.

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