Page 7 - If-you-are-suspected-of-a-criminal-offence
P. 7

If you are suspected of a criminal offence


            If the examining judge grants the Officer of Justice’s request, you will be
            placed ‘in detention’. In most cases, you will be taken to a detention centre
            (huis van bewaring: literally, the ‘house of keeping’) although it is also possible
            that you will be returned to the police cells. The maximum detention period is
            fourteen days. It cannot be extended.


            After fourteen days, the period of detention expires. If the Officer of Justice
            considers it necessary for you to remain in custody, he will request the court to
            issue a remand order. Once again, you will be given the opportunity to state
            your case before the decision is taken. A remand order is for a maximum of
            ninety days. Where the order is issued for a period of less than ninety days, it
            can be extended to a period of up to ninety days by the court at the request of
            the Officer of Justice.

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