Page 11 - If-you-are-suspected-of-a-criminal-offence
P. 11

If you are suspected of a criminal offence

            president of the court (senior judge) first examines the file to determine
            whether another hearing is warranted. If the president decides not to hear the
            appeal, the verdict of the original court is confirmed. You are not able to
            appeal against this decision. However, if the president decides that an appeal is
            appropriate, the Court of Appeal will hear your case and pass an independent
            verdict and sentence. In principle, you are able to take the case one stage
            further to the Hoge Raad, or Supreme Court. As the name suggests, this is the
            highest court in the land. The Supreme Court will re-examine the case, but will
            rule only on procedure and points of law: was the trial conducted properly and
            did the other judges apply the law correctly? The Supreme Court does not rule
            on matters of sentencing.


            If you have spent time on remand and are eventually acquitted, or if the case is
            ‘discharged’, you may be entitled to compensation. Your lawyer will be able to
            advise you further.

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