Page 12 - If-you-are-suspected-of-a-criminal-offence
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If you are suspected of a criminal offence


            If you have any questions about your case or your detention, the first person to
            ask is your lawyer. However, you can also approach the people within the
            judicial system who are directly responsible for your case. It is advisable to do
            so in writing, although in urgent cases you are able to request a personal
            interview. The people to contact are:

            During police custody:         Officer of Justice and examining judge
            During detention:                Officer of Justice, examining judge and
                                           the court (judge’s chambers)
            During remand:                 The court (judge’s chambers)
            During the preliminary hearing:    Officer of Justice and examining judge

            If there is no preliminary hearing,   Officer of Justice and examining judge
            or if the preliminary hearing has
            been completed:
            During the period between      Officer of Justice and judge
            summons and verdict            (president of the court)
            (i.e. during the trial)
            After the verdict:             Officer of Justice
            During an appeal:
            Prior to summons being issued:    Advocate General

            During the period between       Advocate General and President of the
            summons and verdict:           Court of Appeal
            Thereafter:                    Advocate General

            NB   The ‘Advocate General’ is the representative of the Public Prosecution
                Department in the higher courts. His role is therefore similar to that of the
                Officer of Justice in the lower courts.

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