We strive to match our services as closely as possible to your specific needs.
The better we know you, the easier this will be. That is why we ask for your data.
Consulate-Romania applies a strict policy in accordance with the new Dutch legislation in this area when collecting information via our website.
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What does Consulate-Romania with your data?

Your data is used in two ways.
1. To tailor the information on our site even better to your wishes.
2. To seek and maintain direct contact with you.

Does Consulate-Romania disclose your information to third parties?

NO !!!

  • Consulate-Romania will handle your data with care.
  • We never give your details to third parties.

The Internet makes a lot possible.
Via the Internet you can get in touch with people all over the world, order services and products from anywhere and receive information that is tailored to your needs.
Also Consulate-Romania offers personalized services.
For those services we sometimes need information from you as a user.

We have drawn up the rules below for ourselves to give you a guarantee that we will handle that information with care. You can abide by these rules at all times.

If Consulate-Romania you will be informed about your personal data, you always have the option to ensure that your data is not recorded; however, that may mean that you cannot use some Consulate-Romania services.
If incorrect information has been recorded about you, Consulate-Romania delete them. You can send your written request to this end Consulate-Romania.

The registered data cannot be viewed by third parties without your permission and will not be transferred to third parties without your permission.

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Consulate-Romania reserves the right to adjust this privacy statement.
Any changes will be published on this page.

Also see: GDPR Compliance