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A digital information system is available for interested parties – primarily citizens with Romanian nationality – with which you can access qualitative consular information in an efficient and transparent manner. Through direct communication with the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and by extension with the Consular Department of the Romanian Embassy in The Hague, you can make use of all consular services and also obtain information about all required documents and procedures. Incidentally, this is also to the advantage of stakeholders because it eliminates unnecessary bureaucracy and cumbersome procedures.
In this context, we refer interested parties to the website

This online application is mandatory for Romanian citizens

For Romanian newcomers, please refer to the extensive Romanian-language guide “Nou in Olanda”. To consult this guide click here.

The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a Contact and Support Center (call center) for Romanian citizens residing abroad. The call center is permanently (24/7) available. The contact details are: and telephone numbers +31 (0) 70 354 1580, +31 (0) 70 322 8612 and +31 (0) 70 331 9980. Cases that cannot be resolved by the call center are forwarded to the Romanian Embassy in The Hague.

Consular services (click on the service you want)

Citizenship acquisition, reconquest, renunciation of Romanian citizenship, clarification of legal status
Travel documents simple electronic passport, temporary simple passport, first identity card
Documents of civil status registration, registration birth certificate, death, marriage
Notarial deed powers of attorney declarations, creation and legalization of translations, certificates.
Documents to be obtained from Romania criminal record, multilingual duplicate / extract according to the documents of the civil registry
Other services mortuary passport, apostille / super legalization, verification of the authenticity of the driving license

Procedure for making an appointment
Consular services are offered only through appointments made via the website
These are the steps you need to take:

  • Enter the website
  • If you do not have an account, sign up by pressing the button “create new account” and then follow the website’s indications on how to request your desired consular service. If you already have an account, log-in.
  • Request your desired consular service, by choosing one from the following categories (1) citizenship, (2) civil status documents, (3) notary deeds, (4) requesting of documents from Romania, or (5) other services. After selecting the desired category, fill out all the entries of the form in a complete and correct manner.
  • NOTE that for minors younger than 14, the entry on personal data of the applicant must be filled out with the data of one of the parents or with the data of the minor’s legal guardian.
  • Send the request in order to be pre-validated/verified by the consular representatives.Make an appointment. After the verification of your request, you will be asked to choose a date and time, from the available time slots, for the appointment.You will receive a confirmation of your appointment. Go to the consular office at the confirmed date and time. DO NOT forget to bring with you the documents, in original, that you were requested to upload in the app.
    The appointment is free and non-transferrable!At the date and the time of the appointment, the applicants will be called upon to present themselves at the counter of the Consular Section in order to have their requested consular service performed.Appointments cannot be made via e-mail, fax or telephone. If, from various reasons, you are unable to request an appointment via the website , you may make the appointment in person at the Consulate. Mind that you may NOT receive the consular services in the same day.
  • The appointment will be canceled if: (1) at the confirmed date and time, you are not present at the Consular Section, (2) there is a mismatch between the data given in the form filled out online and the data presented by the applicant at the counter, (3) the applicant doesn’t have with him the necessary documents for the performance of his requested consular service.If you are not able to come at the appointment, we kindly ask you to cancel it. This can be done by accessing your account on the website