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The Netherlands is the largest investor in Romania. Many Dutch entrepreneurs (approximately 5200) settle in Romania because of the size of the market, the strategic location on the Black Sea and the highly educated workforce. The low labor costs, the growth of the region and the opportunities for companies in logistics and agriculture are also attractive for Dutch companies.
The DRN has set up a special Task Force Agri & Food for the comprehensive and important agricultural sector. Other (top) sectors that score high are water management and ITC. A large part of the export from the Netherlands to Romania consists of chemical products, machines, means of transport (buses), live animals and food. The Netherlands imports machines (telecommunication devices), means of transport (cars, lifeboats, tugboats), furniture, clothing and footwear from Romania.
The Dutch business community that is internationally oriented and focused on Romania is well organized. In the Netherlands through the Dutch Romanian Network and in Romania through their partners the Dutch Romanian Chamber of Commerce in Bucharest. Thanks to this partnership and decisive action, they have managed to stay ahead of international competition. In this context, the activities of the (Romanian) Netherlands Water Partnership should certainly not remain unmentioned. Furthermore, the business community is following with great interest the strategic cooperation between the port authorities of Rotterdam and Constanta, for which a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) was signed in 2011 by Minister Melanie Schultz van Hagen and her Romanian colleague. However, no steps have yet been taken in 2020 to actually give shape to that cooperation, we must add honesty.

Investment climate

Information for companies
For starters on the Romanian market, the Knowledge Base has a number of interesting publications, such as an overview of a number of legal principles for setting up a company in Romania. In addition, the Dutch Romanian Network publishes a digital newsletter (once a month) that closely follows economic developments and indicates certain trends. Knowledge of the country with which one maintains or wants to maintain contact for whatever reason gives an advantage over others. For further information, please contact: info@dutchromaniannetwork.nl

Origin of foreign investors in Romania
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